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Our Story

Mike and Anna LaBenz are devoted parents to two beautiful children, Jack and Olivia, and one sweet little angel, JLB. On July 20, 2006, Mike and Anna lost their precious son, JLB (Jack's Little Brother) to an umbilical cord accident at full-term.

In addition to being heartbroken, they felt lonely, isolated, and lost as bereaved parents. From their experience, they founded JLB Project to make the journey different for other families facing the unimaginable loss of a child.




JLB Project is there with you every step of your journey. The services provided are customized to each family’s needs and wishes. Our trained Care Team members are professional and extremely sensitive to the loss of a child. We hope that our services are not needed; however, we are here if and when tragic circumstances arise.

in-hospital services:

  • Sitting bedside with you and your family during your loss.
  • A customized care bag: clothing and a blanket for baby, keepsakes, grief literature for entire family, teddy bears, and comfort items for Mom.
  • Professional photography documentation of your precious time with your baby.
  • Follow up care after your loss.


  • Bi-monthly Heart Work grief group, co-facilitated by JLB Project Founder Anna LaBenz and psychologist, Dr. Chris Gunn.
  • A community of families who know and understand the unimaginable loss of a child.
  • A customized care bag containing grief literature and other items.
  • Heart Work Grief Workshops twice per year.

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