Lessons in Gratitude


It is a word we use a lot at JLB Project. We don’t just throw it around, but we feel it in our hearts each and every day as we do this work.

While she would give anything to have her son here, Anna has publicly said she is grateful for the lessons JLB teaches her on a daily basis. Because of his life, and his death, she lives life on an entirely different level than she ever knew before him.

We are grateful to the medical professionals who invite us to help care for their patients. Without their willingness to reach out to us, we would not be able to meet the families when they need us most.

It goes beyond grateful when it comes to our families. The people we get to meet, know, and love are some of the most beautiful people. Ever. They are brave and courageous and compassionate – in so many ways and beyond what I could ever describe here. And loving. The love in their hearts for their children and for other families facing this loss is awe-inspiring.

And to our financial supporters, we are grateful for each and every one of you. Every one. We need each and every one of you to help fulfill our mission and create this place to celebrate our children. Every dollar matters at a non-profit so we appreciate your donation, regardless of how many zeros are included.

To you who support us in your own way –show up at our events, volunteer to do the work, give us their free time on Feel Good Friday, help make connections, tell a friend about JLB Project, share kind words, or even just give a hug…. We could not do it without you.

With a grateful heart, thank you for your support of JLB Project and our mission.

Kelly Miller

Executive Director, JLB Project